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The function of the Pipelife Gas-Stop™ is characterized by two main features:

In the event of damage to the pipe installation from the main line up to the pressure regulator – e.g. due to excavator work – the Pipelife Gas-Stop™ units integrated in the system close automatically and in fractions of a second, as soon as the defined limit for flow rate is exceeded.

In contrast to this, in all cases the Pipelife Gas-Stop™ remains secured in the open position during normal operation, i.e. at the defined maximum nominal consumption of the gas customers. Faults in normal operation are excluded.

Practical experience:

Pipelife Gas-Stop™ has been used by gas supply companies throughout the world since 1992. Gas leaks have been prevented in ten thousand cases after damage to service lines. The many years of practical experience underscores in particular three essential benefits of the Pipelife Gas-Stop™ safety device:

  • A clear plus in safety through the prevention of gas leaks.
  • No escape of gas immediately after the occurrence of damage until arrival of the service team and shut-off of the line. The risk of accident on-site is thereby eliminated.
  • The elimination of gas leaks often requires spectacular operations in public. Damage to service lines secured with Pipelife Gas-Stop™ units requires no such operations.